Feature Friday: FemFusion Fitness- Hip Circles and Belly Rolls for Beginners

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This week we feature FemFusion Fitness's "Hip Circles and Belly Rolls for Beginners." 

Learn all types of hip circle variations and also how to do belly rolls... Great for pelvic health!

In this great all-levels workout, Dr. Bri teaches how to do hip circles and belly rolls for better digestion, a strong core, less back pain, and pelvic health. Hip circles are a wonderful way to bring blood flow and energy to your reproductive organs. Great for women and men of any age.

About FemFusion Fitness:

Stretch, strengthen, and tone your entire body with moves that are core and pelvic floor friendly. Playlists and videos specific to women's health, men's health, diastasis recti, prolapse, bladder leakage, and pelvic pain/tension. Get to know your body by strengthening your deep core, and take care of yourself — mind, body, and spirit — through healthy living and a positive mindset. FemFusion Fitness: Eat Clean. Move Every Day. SHINE BRIGHTER! Channel category: Health, fitness, how-to, women's health, core strengthening, pelvic floor, body sculpting, yoga, yin yoga, women's fitness, pelvic health

Connect with FemFusion Fitness:

❤ Website: http://www.femfusionfitness.com ❤ Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/femfusionfitness ❤ Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/femfusion ❤ Insta: @femfusionfitness

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