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Tammy Talks:

I help working women cultivate time and energy in their everyday lives by finding inspiration, communicating their intentions, and getting organized. Each Tammy Talk segment is approximately 30 minutes long and may stand alone or be blended into a custom curriculum. 

  • Wonderful Wellness
  • Breath, Body, and Beyond
  • Healthy Habits- Seeds of Success
  • Grow Goals
  • Harvest Time and Energy
  • Art of Conversation
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Leadership League
  • Managing Money
  • Clearing Sacred Space
  • Controlling Cyberspace

The Everyday Vacay Library Lecture Series (Dates TBA).

Tammy Talk Library lecture series
Coming soon

"Living In Balance" Substance Abuse Program
Walton County Jail/ April 7-May 12, 2022

Female inmates celebrate substance abuse program graduation
TammyTalk at Living in Balance substance abuse program

Tammy Talks live at Kickin' It Fitness Studio
August 6-13, 2021

Tammy Talks live at NWFSC: November 13-18, 2019.

Tammy Talk live at NWFSC
Tammy Talk at NWFSC

Tammy Talks live at WCSO October 14-21, 2019

Tammy Talk live at WCSO
Tammy Talk at WCSO


"Mrs. Kearce is a great instructor. I learned a lot about myself in her class, and I'm glad I took it!
Janna C./ Former student at Northwest Florida State College.
 "Mrs. Kearce is awesome and helps in any way needed. She really cares about her students and can relate because she has been there. I would recommend her to anyone." Sherry M./Former student at Northwest Florida State College
"Mrs. Kearce goes above and beyond the call of duty!" 
Shannon B./ Former student at Northwest Florida State College 
"Mrs. Kearce is the best!"
Alisha L./ Former student at Northwest Florida State College.
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