Feature Friday: How to Create a Home Studio


Tips for Turning an Everyday Space
Into a Multipurpose Studio

How to create a home studio on tammytalk.com
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Do you dream of having your own space at home for practicing your craft? Whether it’s singing, dancing, or playing an instrument, your dream could become your reality. Read on for tips and resources that will help you turn your everyday space into the flex room and studio your heart desires.

Pick Your Place

The first step toward your goal is to decide what part of your home will best accommodate your new multipurpose room. To get you started, think about what areas have the least amount of traffic.

     Have your kids outgrown their playroom, or is there elbow room to spare?

     Many people repurpose their formal dining rooms with success.

     Basement conversions are a popular option.

     If you don’t mind parking outside or only park in one bay, consider a garage remodel.

     And don’t rule out simply dividing a room for your purposes.

 Make a List

 The next step is to think through what specifically, you need to practice your craft. For instance:

     Dancers need appropriate flooring.

     Singers and musicians might require soundproofing.

     Wall-sized mirrors benefit a wide range of performers.

     You might need to add a bathroom if you expect clients or students, and KearceCrafted can install a beautiful stone restroom or update an existing space with tile, stone, or wood.

     Be sure to budget for all of your equipment and remodeling expenses.

Determine Daily Details

What will you need for the day-in, day-out function of your space? Think through the maintenance requirements of your particular gear and equipment.

     Rooms that are used for playing instruments, singing or using sound equipment should be tuned routinely.

     There are great apps for tuning.

     Equipment must be well-maintained. 

     Germs and dust can accumulate, so develop a cleaning routine.

Important Perks Await

If the pure pleasure of your everyday-space-cum-multipurpose-room isn’t enough motivation, keep in mind these fun facts:

     Hobbies offer important benefits like improved stress reduction and better structure in your days.

     Time to yourself promotes creativity and productivity.

     Practice really does make perfect—or at least improvement.

     It can even be advantageous for your property value.

Turning a humdrum space into a place to practice your craft can be a boon to your health and lifestyle. Think through the wheres, whats and hows, and you’ll be well on your way to the studio of your dreams!

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