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Now is the time to organize your kitchen!

Are you looking for ways to make good use of your time stuck at home? Cleaning your kitchen is a great way to find joy in the midst of this dark time. Not only does it finally knock a dreaded chore off your to-do list, but a clean and tidy kitchen is a much more pleasant place for sharing meals while your family is home together.

These tips will help you turn your kitchen from a cluttered mess into a cook’s paradise.

how to organize your kitchen
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Equip yourself with the right tools

The right tools make any job a whole lot easier. So, before diving into kitchen organization, arm yourself with the following supplies.


        A cleaning caddy with essential kitchen cleaning supplies.

        Drawer and cabinet organizers.

        Under-sink organizers.

        Over-the-cabinet hooks.

        Dry food storage containers.

        Other handy kitchen organizers.

Start small

Don’t start your kitchen decluttering project by emptying out the fridge. Easy wins early on can help build momentum for the project ahead, so start with something simple like the utensil drawer. As you get into the swing of things, those big tasks won’t seem so daunting after all.

Eliminate duplicates

One of the easiest ways to declutter your kitchen is by eliminating duplicates and unitasker appliances. If you reach for the same set of measuring spoons every time or never use your rice cooker since buying an Instant Pot, toss it out! It may seem wasteful to get rid of things that are functional, but there’s no point in keeping them around if you’re not actually using them.

Tackle clutter hotspots

There are some areas of the kitchen that attract clutter like a magnet. Pay special attention to clutter hotspots like the junk drawer and under the sink. Instead of shoving everything back where it was, use organizers to give everything a place. Even if no one sees these spaces, keeping kitchen supplies accessible makes your life easier.

Organize your spices

Spices are a major organizational challenge for many home cooks. If you have a lot of spices that you struggle to keep organized, consider taking a new approach to spice storage. Standardizing spice storage containers, keeping your most commonly used spices by the stove, and storing spices in drawers or racks instead of cabinets makes all the difference when you’re halfway through a recipe and need a dash of something.

Take a closer look at your kitchen

As you declutter and organize, examine your kitchen. Are the cabinets bowing, the drawers sticking, or is there frost building up in the freezer? It’s easier to notice the little signs that your kitchen is due for an update when everything is empty.


If you have a smaller kitchen and you want to maximize the space, look for ways to make things more efficient. For example, you could easily install under-the-counter beverage refrigerators to free up space in your full-size refrigerator, which could help you purchase a smaller model. The possibilities are endless; you just have to get creative!


If you do decide to make major kitchen updates, look to a junk removal service to handle bulky items and construction waste so you can stay at home. Junk haulers take things like appliances, furniture, and other rubbish that’s difficult to dispose of yourself.

Deep clean and keep clean

There’s one more step to take before your kitchen decluttering project is finished. Before putting everything back where it belongs, spend time deep cleaning the nooks and crannies of your kitchen. These are some tasks to include in your kitchen deep clean:


        Dust and degrease the tops of cabinets, ceiling fans, window casings, and baseboards.

        Clean cabinet interiors and lay new shelf liner; wash cabinet faces and hardware.

        Remove and clean window coverings; wash windows.

        Degrease tile backsplashes and re-grout if the grout is cracking or crumbling.

        Pull out appliances and clean under, behind, and inside of them.

        Clean the range hood and replace the filter.

        Wash and air dry trash cans.


Deep cleaning and decluttering your kitchen is no minor undertaking. Set aside several days to complete the project, taking it one zone at a time, and don’t be afraid to enlist kids for help dusting and degreasing. With a little bit of elbow grease and the right organizational tools, you’ll transform your kitchen from cramped and cluttered to chef-worthy in no time!

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