Tip Tuesday: How to land your dream job


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Although we officially concluded Season Two of Tammy Talk TV in October 2020, the upcoming weeks will feature some of our earlier videos, which you may not have seen.
This week we are revisiting the "Fabulous First Impression" series because
many Americans currently find themselves in the market for work making available positions scarce with fierce competition.
If it's been a while since you've interviewed for a job, here are six tips to help you make a fabulous first impression and improve your chances of landing your dream job.

Tip #1- Pay attention to proper posture:

Tip #2- Make effective eye contact:

Tip #3- Have a healthy handshake:

Tip #4-Spend time on good grooming:

Tip #5- Watch out for the Devil in the de-tells:

Tip #6- Scour social media:

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