Tip Tuesday: word magic series- the dark side of, "please"


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This week we continue season three of Tammy Talk TV and discuss word magic and how we can avoid casting dark spells on ourselves by paying attention to our words.


Even the magic word, "please," has a dark side:

Of course, please, is always appropriate when asking for forgiveness, assistance, or support. But it has

become customary to say please when asking others to take action for that which they are already responsible.
Both please and plea are derived from the Latin, “placer,” so the next time you are tempted to ask, “please,” or make a "plea," for something, try the phrase, “I would appreciate it,” or “It would be much appreciated,” which is appropriate in many cases and reserves the more powerful, “please,” for another time.

Instead of asking a coworker to,
“Please respond in a timely manner.”
“A timely response will be much appreciated.”

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