Tip Tuesday: Use breathwork to increase energy


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The current theme is how to be and breathe.


be and breathe
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Natural energy

Do you need more energy during the day, feel depleted in the afternoon, or crave caffeine after lunch?
If so, take a few minutes to harness the power of your breath.
Breathwork is not just for stress relief and relaxation. Using the breath to boost energy and rejuvenate the body is an easy alternative to stimulants such as energy drinks, coffee, or sugar and produces no unwanted side effects.

Already addicted?

Simple exercises that take less than three minutes can boost energy and enthusiasm throughout the day without the dreaded calories, caffeine, or cravings. Most can be done at your desk or even in the car (parked not driving :). They require no special equipment, just time and space, and can be practiced as often as needed with no negative effects. You are already addicted to breathing, so there's no need to worry about creating an unwanted habit.

Simple exercise to increase energy:

  • Sit erect with hands on knees.
  • Inhale, bringing shoulders up toward ears.
  • Exhale, dropping shoulders.
  • Repeat rapidly for thirty breaths.

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