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What's the secret to work/life balance? It doesn't exist. But if you want to make time for your family (you really should), then you'll have to create that time for yourself. If you own a business or are starting a new project, the work will never be "done". Accept that as a fact. There will always be more work to do tomorrow. In this video, Mel talks about honoring time with family and friends by setting a 'quitting time'. Parkinson's Law states that work expands to fill the amount of time given to it, which means that if you never set your own boundaries, you'll literally ALWAYS be working. And that not only wears you down, it wears other people in your life down, as well. Instead of endlessly working and being addicted to your phone from sunrise to sunset, try this: Set a time today that you will absolutely stop working. No emails, no phone calls, no texts, and no social media scrolling. Pick an hour or two to be completely present with the people you love or working on a fun hobby or trip planning that has nothing to do with work. This method isn't foolproof, but it works a majority of the time. Not only will picking a quitting time give you back personal time, but you'll actually get sh*t done quicker than ever before.

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