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If you need to wind down after a long day, this 10-minute bedtime yoga will prepare you for the ultimate good night's sleep. Experience emotional release and stress relief with this quick, relaxing yoga class.

So often we focus on doing yoga for pain in the hips, neck or low back pain, tight muscles, or anything else physical. This routine was built to help you soothe your MIND after long stressful days at work or chasing after kids. With a focus on increasing flexibility, this yoga routine works quickly to release emotional tension we hold in our bodies so we can recover during sleep.

I wish I could wind down for bed every day with strawberries, chocolate, and a bubble bath - so I created the yoga version of that! Relieve stress and indulge in this delicious, much-anticipated class. (Especially beneficial for women!)

From my ❤️ to yours, Namaste, Brett Larkin Yoga
Here are two other bedtime yoga routines from Brett Larkin Yoga

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