3 ways to be happy working from home


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And since many adults spend their day working from home, here are a few suggestions from DIY Darlin' Amiee Lyons to make that time more enjoyable.

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3 ways to create a healthy, happy home/work space

Create Sacred Spaces

During 2020-2021, most of us spent more time at home than ever.

When faced with so few safe options for entertainment, many chose to get outside. Fortunately, being outside allows us to absorb sunlight necessary for vitamin D production and gives us a chance to breathe fresh air. In fact, spending time outside can improve mental health as well as physical.

So, create a dream space outside, a sacred space to work and/or sit and meditate. For those who need a little more shelter, create a similar space on a porch or in front of a window.

If you have a basement or other unused “storage,” space, consider converting a portion of it into a home studio, complete with upgraded lighting, comfortable furniture, and an inviting atmosphere that includes images of nature. 

A well-designed workspace, helps us stay focused, be less susceptible to distractions and enjoy our day. 

Allow fun to flourish

During the pandemic, many businesses weren’t open. Theaters, restaurants, and other venues suspended all events. Those fortunate enough to work from home, were faced with finding room for a home office., while others had to forego gyms, coffee shops, and other public refuges to spend every spare moment at home.

Ironically enough, many learned to love #homelife and have no intention of returning to a pre-pandemic lifestyle.  

For all the newfound homebodies, it’s time to update your space!

Whether you’re working, meditating, making lattes, or practicing yoga, you probably got started in a space that wasn't designed for that purpose. But dedicating space for specific activities helps us stay calm, relaxed, and organized. 

Make room for rest

Sleep is necessary for the brain to function to the best of its ability. Getting a good night's sleep reduces anxiety and depression.  And without enough quality sleep, your body becomes run down, making you prone to getting sick

A few simple changes to promote a better night's rest.:

  • Consider getting new bedding or a new mattress. 
  • Check the thermostat and make sure it’s set on a sleeping temperature between 68- and 72-degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Keep a to-do list beside a night light in case you wake during the night with something on your mind.
  • Incorporate cooler colors in your bedroom. Shades of green and blue, make your bedroom a calmer environment

This series of videos explains how to:

Set the stage for sleep:

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Avoid self-sabotage:

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Craft a bedtime routine:

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Keep stress from keeping you awake.

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Enjoy a healthy, happy space

When you improve your home, you may also improve your health simultaneously. In the process, you'll also find you now have places to destress. 


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