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Exercise for energy

Woman doing Yoga - How to exercise for energy

“Toughen the body and polish the spirit.”
—Morihei Ueshiba.

After you wake rested and rejuvenated, determine where physical activity fits into your schedule. Make it a priority to get 30 minutes of movement at least five days a week. In this quantum world, exercise opportunities abound, so choose one or two (or more) and get started

My older family members always referred to, “taking exercise,” in the same way we now refer to taking medication. Naturally, I thought they were just out of touch with modern language. But, as usual, I’ve come to realize how accurate this phrase is. When we take exercise as if it’s a prescription, we get health benefits that rival if not surpass modern medicine.

For example, I have trouble with my right knee. Since we live in a converted barn loft, my knees must be in good working order. So, I’ve learned that if I run at least one mile, on a soft track, twice a week, my knee doesn’t hurt. Since I detest pharmaceuticals and want to avoid surgery at all costs, I make it a point to take my exercise and keep my knees healthy.
Photo by Patrick Malleret on Unsplash

Just do it

So, schedule exercise. It can come in any form you desire, from cross-fit training to strolling along a nature trail. Just get moving.  Since I like variety and have trouble committing to a single form of exercise, I run twice a week, but the other three to five days I mix it up with cross training, rebounding, biking, hiking, yoga, Pilates, and Qi Gong. Having several options makes exercise both a challenge and a choice every day. 

Find your form

Whatever your chosen workout, posture and breathing are critical. So before beginning take a moment, get grounded, focus your breathing, stand up straight, and dedicate the time to exercising with intention. Are you sitting with slumped shoulders in front of a computer, or is your head hanging over a cell phone?

If so, stand up, stretch, and notice your posture.

·        Stand with your feet slightly apart.

·        Keep hips and shoulders in alignment.

·        Pull your shoulders up toward your ears then release them down.

·        Imagine a string pulling you taunt through the top of your head.

o   Not the crown, the top.

·        Relax your shoulders and breathe out slowly 1,2,3,4…

·        Then breathe in deeply 1,2,3,4…

·     Repeat. Slowly.

In addition to improving mood and attitude, good posture promotes blood flow and enhances memory. So, before beginning exercise, take a moment to align your spine and set your intention to exercise mindfully.

Get the blues

Since the signature color of ennui,  is gray, discourage it by pairing exercise with time outside a.k.a. blue or green spaces.

“Increased views of blue and green spaces are associated with significantly lower levels of psychological distress,” according to Michigan State University Professor Amber Pearson.

I’ve always known that instinctively, but it’s nice to have it confirmed by academia. Now when I take a “mental health day” at the beach, it’s not just a catchy phrase but an actual prescription. 

How to make exercise fun

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