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“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”
– Abraham Lincoln.


girl journaling for inspiration
To set productive goals, we must be inspired and excited, but inspiration is shy, easily overshadowed by stress, worry, and responsibility. It must be coaxed and nourished to bloom and flourish. 
Inspiration also has a way of showing up when we’re not expecting it, so we must intentionally plant habits that encourage inspiration. One such habit is to always have something to write on and to write with.

When inspiration dawns, we think,

“What a great idea. I’ll never forget that.”

But then things happen. By the end of the day, that bloom of inspiration has withered and fallen from consciousness, possibly never to be heard from again. By taking a moment to jot it down, we not only preserve the idea but signal our inspiration that we are listening, giving it confidence to speak up more often.

Inspiration is magic

J.K. Rowling relates how the idea for Harry Potter came to her on a train between Manchester and London, and she had nothing to write with.

“I didn’t have a pen and was too shy to ask anyone on the train for one,” she recalls.

So, she dashed from the train station to find a pen and capture the idea that would change her life.

Bed, bath, bus

Dr. J. Laurence Day at the University of West Florida, who worked as a reporter in the field for decades before settling down to teach, advises students to expect inspiration in bed, in the bath, and on the bus. Reason being, that when the mind is free to wander, it makes connections that it can’t during more stressful situations.

For me folding laundry and doing dishes trigger inspiration. These mundane activities provide busywork for my hands and relax my mind.

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